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"Within two days, I saw improvement in my joint pain and overall mood!"

Jessica S.

Singer (Former Pussycat Doll)

"I sleep better and have more energy throughout the day."

Brandon H.

Professional Athlete

"I felt it right away! I'm calmer, more rested, alert & focused!"

Laura B.


Patent-Pending Formula,
Clinically Researched Ingredients

Omax Phyto-Max™ Stress Remedy delivers the ultimate power-trio of clinically researched ingredients to support mind and body wellness.

Hemp Oil

Hemp Oil CBD

European sourced, phytocannabinoid rich hemp oil, derived from the stems and stalks of industrial hemp. CO2 extracted using pharmaceutical process, for therapeutic potency and purity.



Highly purified amino acid found naturally in green tea leaves, is one of nature’s most effective natural relaxants: it’s clinically studied to stimulate the production of alpha waves in the brain.



Patented blend of omega-3 fatty acids from anchovies and sardines, with a 4:1 EPA-to-DHA ratio, developed for optimal inflammatory response, while supporting joints, mood & mind.

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The Difference is Clear

CBD and THC both come from the Cannabis Sativa plant. We extract the THC, leaving only therapeutic CBD.

Hemp Marijuana
Non-psychoactive Psychoactive
No-high Gets you high
Effects: General health and wellness from a balanced system Effects: Euphoria, hallucinogenic, short-term memory impairment
Ingredient Panel
Ingredient Panel
As a dietary supplement for adults over 18, take two softgels per day in the morning or afternoon with food.

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Omax Phyto-Max Stress Remedy